For my ladies that are looking to tone up ready for an event or looking to drop a dress size or two, these workouts will be sure to turn up the heat on that unwanted body fat. In this program, you will have a routine of 4 sessions every week along with 2 active rest days totaling up to 42 sessions to be sure that you reach the goals you looking for.

Included Add-Ons:

- 3x Postural Assessment Programs.

*** This postural assessment will help with gaining or regaining overall corrective posture and is also designed to help with speedy recovery throughout the cross of the program. Giving you the best experience that a program should have.

- 6x Group Zoom Calls

*** Let's talk about the program and tips on bettering your physical health. I want to make sure you are fired up and motivated for success. So I will be in your corner as we knock out the obstacles ahead.

*** Zoom Calls are for troubleshooting, discussing highs & lows, direction, and connection!


Let's work!


There is no limit to whom we work with. We are open to all age ranges, genders, and levels of fitness.

!!No Membership Fees!!

!!No Activation Fees!!

!!No Annual Hiden Fees!!

!!Just Train!!

Not in our location? 

That's fine we offer a hand full of online fitness plans. Whether you are at home or in the gym our plans can help build lean muscle, bulk up, increase fat loss, boost cardio, or train on sports specifics.

We also offer custom-designed programs for individuals, group fitness, sports teams, and other organizations.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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