Truth Athlete Development

Truth Performance

Truth Performance runs deeper than the ability of physical performance.


You may even ask what does Truth Performance means??

🔸Our motto

“As athletes, our commitment is, to be honest to our ability and accountable to our character.”

🔸 Honest to your ability:
- Going out to work your hardest in and out of the spotlight.
- We hold ourselves to being our best athlete.
- Am I pushing myself every rep?
- Every play?
- Can my teammates count on me?
- Can my coaches count on me?
❗️Giving my all❗️
❗️Yes I can❗️

Accountable To Our Character:

- When others see me they see none like me.
- I hold myself to a standard.
- My character is A1.
- My accountability is to be a young man & young lady.
- That is what you will get from me is TRUTH.
- My mindset is sharp, and I make the best decisions I can possibly make.
- I am a positive role model for those before me and after me.
- I want to set the trend that athletes aren’t just athletes... We are PROFESSIONALS! We are the TRUTH💪