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Online Yoga

Online Coaching

Truth Performance is dedicated to designing the best online program for our clients. when you sign up for our monthly Online coaching program we deliver a well and systematic program tailored for you and your goals every month.

How does this work?

In today's world, many have home gyms or gym memberships and just don't know where to start when It comes to working out and building a healthier lifestyle. Most of the time having a membership at a gym doesn't mean you have access to a trainer. This brings additional fees of having 1 on 1s with someone certified.


With Truth Performance we want to make things much easier for you. That way all you have to do is focus on your training. Whether that's you meeting with your virtual trainer weekly through a call, video chat, or text we want to be there for you through the full journey. Our easy-to-use software for training allows you to perform workouts in any environment. Made to adjust to your busy life if you are a business owner or traveler. 

Get Online Fit

Only $70 a Month 

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What's Included

Fitness App

Everything you need. Fitness in your hands as you navigate through workouts, progress, coaching tips and alerts, 24/7 chat with the trainer, and the ability to adjust your workout to the training ground.

Postural Assessment Program

An assessment to gauge shortened and lengthened muscles. The fitness professional checks all kinetic chain checkpoints from anterior, lateral, posterior views looking for neutral alignment, symmetry, balanced muscle tone, and specific postural deformities such as pronation, excessive forward lean, and distortion syndrome.

Custom Workout Program

Workout programs are tailored to your needs and want that way you get the most out of your program. Based on your postural assessments we design a program that will not only help you cut weight, tone up, or build strength but will also realign musculature imbalances and rebuild incorrective postural dysfunctions that weaken certain muscles in the body.


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Weekly Check-Ins

Check-ins are to keep you accountable in your program. Through face-time, zoom, or video chat you get to connect with your trainer on how the workouts have been going and discuss needs in real- time. 

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Nutritional Regiment 

Having a solid reputation as a company that dwells on making sure our clients reach the best versions of themselves. We have partnered with Evolution Nutrition to bring you the best meal plans aligned with your training program. Allowing you to have the best results. 

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Plan Modification

An exercise design technique that promotes long-term performance improvements. A Systematic approach that uses modifying variations of exercise intensity, volume, frequency, and specificity within certain training periods or cycles.

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