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Fitness App That will show you your workout that will be designed and tailored to your needs and goals. In this app, you will be able to record data for progress and record nutrition for each day which is integrated through MyFitnessPal if you are a user. You can also substitute exercises out for the best optional exercise from our exercises library whether it's bodyweight, bands, dumbbells, or kettlebells. We have you covered! ​Postural Assessment Program  Dynamic Postural Assessments are designed to evaluate the individuals' physical health for fitness with a variety of testing to target the training level. In this assessment, the assigned trainer will also look for imbalanced muscle groups and design an SMR(Self Myofascial Release), static stretching, and strengthening exercise routine. This helps correct posture and provide healthy functional movement. (Depending on the duration of the program there will be a reassessment.) Custom Workout Program (Home/Gym) Over the years of being a trainer and gaining experience in the field, I realized that every client is different and uniquely made. So therefore everyone deserves a training program that's fixed for them. I want to help you not just reach a short-term goal but to go for long. Increasing long-term health is very important. So we want to build your physical health from the ground up with 5 phases of training. Combining your want goals with your need goals giving you the best experience but also going the extra mile for you. Meal Plan Can't just have the solid workout program but you have to also put the work in the kitchen as well. We want to give you a program that compliments your work ethic in the gym. Having the full formula will definitely put you on the path of success to have the physical look along with increased internal health. ​Unlimited Messaging Unlimited chatting with me your trainer when you need me. I want to give you the ability to contact me directly through our inside messaging system. This gives your trainer alerts when you are messaging them. That way they can provide you with service at a mannerable time. Plan Modification In your program, as you progress we want to make sure we keep you fresh and clear from the plateau stage. Your program will be designed in a periodization form so we continue toward successful progress. This is nothing like those workout programs where you get the same workouts for months and months. We want to make it fun and switch it up. - E-Newsletter

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Sessions or package(s) training are nonnegotiable refunds. Sessions and sessions for packages can only be rescheduled.

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