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Truth Athlete Curriculum & Athlete Development (Grades 6-12th)
**** This program is seasonal. But you can sign up and enroll early. Program start date: May - July

Athlete Strength Training. With years of research and training experience putting together an elite training program to give athletes a peak level performance. The athlete strength program is a 3-month long program (48 Sessions) designed to build stabilization, corrective exercise ability, speed /power training, strength, SAQ, and mobility.  Our best offseason program yet. You don't want to miss this. 

Through a course of 3 months I Owner/ Trainer Johnathan Lewis will take athlete(s) through a curriculum that will develop: Leadership (Clarity, Value, Courage, Passion, Example) Character (Self Control, Social Intelligence, Grit, Gratitude)
Sharp-Minded Skills 
Learning your Identity Outside Of The game 

Bi-Weekly Material Review

Athlete Maintenance Training

Every athlete needs a trainer that they can trust with their body. Especially through the season when a volume of games is played. It's important to have the tools to take care of your body and avoid injuries. Our athlete maintenance program is designed to keep your body in good condition. Through specific mobility training for each sport. We also offer an in-season strength program. 


* Cardiovascular & Postural Assessment Program
* Mobility Training For Specific Sport
* Maintenance Strength Training
* Core Activation Training

3 Month Athlete Performance Training

In the 3 Month Athlete Performance Program, we have provided the ability for athletes in different sports to tap into our program whether your within the local radius or a different state. Offering our top program in-person & online. That has proven to increase vertical & speed for all our athletes that have been through our training. We focus on providing the TRUTH about how this program will develop your ability through a systematic approach to training. Helping you boost your ability to become stronger than before and elusive in their respective sports.


Things to know about this program that you can bank on:

- A structured training program that's guaranteed to help you increase your vertical jump within a matter of weeks.
- demonstrated exercise videos to help you perform exercises properly. 
- 3 phases of training for each month that will completely change the athlete you are from start to finish. 
-  Develop the split-second reactive ability that separates high school from college D1 players & college from pro players
- Unlimited Messagener & Customer Support. Stay in touch with your coach 
- Sports Specific Mobility Assessment: Stay injury free and increase recovery time for strong performance.