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Athlete Development 

Athlete Development Program

Nowadays, it's way too easy for young athletes to be misled about increasing their physical ability the right way. Our mission is to help our young athletes pour a solid foundation for athletic performance. In our Athlete Performance Program, we have provided athletes with a 3-step phase program that will allow them not only to increase overall production in sports play but to help them truly discover their potential to be a very sound athlete. Throughout the course of the training program, we guarantee with consistency in training you will find true gains in strength, explosiveness, vertical jump, proprioceptive ability, and injury prevention. For beginner athletes who are either learning how to train, this is your program. Teaching you proper loading and landing mechanics simply to prevent those noncontact injuries down the road. 

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Athlete Maintenance Training

Every athlete needs a trainer that they can trust with their body. Especially through the season when a volume of games is played. It's important to have the tools to take care of your body and avoid injuries. Our athlete maintenance program is designed to keep your body in good condition. Through specific mobility training for each sport. We also offer an in-season strength program. 


* Cardiovascular & Postural Assessment Program
* Mobility Training For Specific Sport
* Maintenance Strength Training
* Core Activation Training


By The Month Bundle Package

Clients also have the ability to purchase training by the month. This means instead of going with our monthly packages you can purchase a monthly bundle of 12 sessions. 

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Easton Johnson, Creighton Baseball

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