Intense Training

Truth Performance

Truth Performance runs deeper than the ability of physical performance.


You may even ask what does Truth Performance means??

🔸Our motto

“As athletes, our commitment is, to be honest to our ability and accountable to our character.”

🔸 Honest to your ability:
- Going out to work your hardest in and out of the spotlight.
- We hold ourselves to being our best athlete.
- Am I pushing myself every rep?
- Every play?
- Can my teammates count on me?
- Can my coaches count on me?
❗️Giving my all❗️
❗️Yes I can❗️

🔸Accountable To Our Character:

- When others see me they see none like me.
- I hold myself to a standard.
- My character is A1.
- My accountability is to be a young man & young lady.
- That is what you will get from me is TRUTH.
- My mindset is sharp, and I make the best decisions I can possibly make.
- I am a positive role model for those before me and after me.
- I want to set the trend that athletes aren’t just athletes... We are PROFESSIONALS! We are the TRUTH💪

Off-Season Training

Truth Athlete Curriculum & Athlete Development

On a Run

Athlete Strength Training. With years of research and training experience putting together an elite training program to give athletes a peak level performance. The athlete strength program is a 3-month long program (48 Sessions) designed to build stabilization, corrective exercise ability, speed /power training, strength, SAQ, and mobility.  Our best offseason program yet. You don't want to miss this. 

Through a course of 3 months I Owner/ Trainer Johnathan Lewis will take athlete(s) through a curriculum that will develop: Leadership (Clarity, Value, Courage, Passion, Example) Character (Self Control, Social Intelligence, Grit, Gratitude)
Sharp-Minded Skills 
Learning your Identity Outside Of The game 

Bi-Weekly Material Review

In-Season Training

Athlete Maintenance


Medicine Balls

Every athlete needs a trainer that they can trust with their body. Especially through the season when a volume of games is played. It's important to have the tools to take care of your body and avoid injuries. Our athlete maintenance program is designed to keep your body in good condition. Through specific mobility training for each sport. We also offer an in-season strength program.