About Us

Truth Performance owner, Johnathan Lewis, played college football at Iowa Central Community College for 2 years. Then he transferred to Iowa State where he ended up being part of the Boxing Club for 4 years. He also played professional indoor football in the Champion Indoor Football League (CIF). He grew up in a Christian home that shaped him to be the man he is today. The Lord has led him on a positive path that he is looking to share. Striving to reach these goals was not easy as there were many obstacles that Coach John had to face to achieve those goals. Thus, the reason he established Truth Performance. So that relating to athletes in all aspects is an opportunity to help them learn more about themselves than their performance in the sport they enjoy playing but to also help them see their true talent in being a vibrant example to their peers and those around them

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 . Through the character they present. Leading by example and being a positive role model.  For these reasons, it's why he felt lead to reach out to our younger generation of athletes. 

Coach John is currently certified as a CPT (Personal Trainer) through NASM, Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification (NASM-PES), and Strength & Conditioning through ISSA as accredited certification. Additionally, Johnathan has extensive experience working with all ages. From youth, high school, college, and pro athletes developing and mentoring them as well as enhancing their skills through athletic development programs put together by Coach John himself.