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Core Fitness

College Student Training

We know what it's like being a college student. You are already paying for school and don't have much time to work. With the load of school and the stress it can bring we want to make paying for personal training sessions lighter. For our Iowa State Students, we want to offer private personal training sessions with a certified trainer to help you release from the tension of school and to also help you reach those physical goals you desire!

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30 Min Sessions ( HIIT, Circuit Training) 

- 5 Sessions - $50 per session

- 10 Sessions - $35 per session

- 20 Sessions - $25 per session

** 30min sessions are for those that need to get in quickly and burn some calories with being held accountable for success. 

60 Min Sessions (Resistance, Circuit Training)

- 5 Sessions - $65 per session

- 10 Sessions - $45 per session

- 20 Sessions - $30 per session

*** 60 Min Sessions are for those with a bit more time to increase physical attributes as far as strength, build lean muscle mass, and increased muscular endurance

Monthly 30/60 Min Training Plan

- 30 Min Sessions - 12/16 Total Sessions: $360/$480

- 60 Min Sessions - 12/16 Total Sessions: $420/$560

*** Monthly Plans can be paid through payment plan: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

College Student Perks:

- Botthms ( Silicone Rings, Bands, Socks, and activewear)

- Yogi Bare

- 1St Phorm Nutritional Foundational Supplements (Greens, multivitamins, pre/post workout, whey/vegan proteins, protein bars)

- BIO Synergy

- Optimum Nutrition

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